A downloadable game for Windows

Oh no! You have been placed  in this cruel toy fighting arena by those dirty little humans!

It looks like there's no way out, try to survive as long as you can! Take the upgrades (the spinning pink and green globes) to have an advantage over the other toys! Good luck!


Music by David Lopez Tichy: http://dlt.fm/

3D models: https://free3d.com/ (undead, akimka); Unity Asset Store (Playfuel Studio, art georg); Andrei "OrangeDasher" Garbovean

Special thanks to: Andrei "OrangeDasher" Garbovean and David Lopez Tichy

Install instructions

1.Download the archive

2.Unzip it using your favorite archiving program

3.Launch the .exe file

4.Have fun!


tinyArena.rar 33 MB

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